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Two publications of Tiempo Co. won several awards in one of the most prestigious events for Hispanic Media in the U.S.

by | Feb 23, 2023

Elevating and celebrating the accomplishments of US Latinos is part of Tiempo Co DNA. The National Association of Hispanic Publications Inc (NAHP) Awards reinforce the commitment and positive impact that El Tiempo Latino and El Planeta have had with the Hispanic community since 1991 and 2004 respectively as the largest print and online minority-owned Spanish publisher bringing reliable and relevant information to Latinos.

“For decades, El Tiempo Latino and El Planeta have been trusted sources of information for Hispanic families in the US. Our strong commitment to create quality content -whether we are covering politics, immigration or just bringing a roundup of events and cultural activities for families- is what pushes us to evolve and not only provide the award-winning newspapers that Latinos know and trust but also innovate special editorial products published in partnership with institutions looking for the best way to connect with our communities”, said Rafael Ulloa EVP Content of Tiempo Co. “We are looking forward to providing even more content to our community in 2023 with our redesigned e-newsletters, our podcast ‘Salud’ with GBH and our ongoing editorial partnership with The Washington Post, The Economist  The New York Times, WAMU 88.5 , Financial Times,WBUR and NowThis
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The NYT content brought to you by Tiempo Co in Spanish.

The NYT content brought to you by Tiempo Co in Spanish.

We have exciting news to share!  Amidst widespread public distrust of institutions, Tiempo Co. remains its mission committed to providing valuable and timely information to Spanish speakers in the United States. An integral component of our publication's...