VAX4Todos Project

Print activation to reach and inform latinos in the COVID-19 vaccination deployment with engaging content to generate community buy-in.

The Challenges

Overcome fear and distrust catalyzed by ubiquitous disinformation

Breach cultural differences & avoid language disparity

Reach underserved and difficult to access groups with inclusive distribution

The Solution

Connecting with Latinos by leveraging a traditional and trustable channel: A newspaper

Powered by

With our network of strategic partners

A print special issue newspaper en español to be shared within a household…

…with content created by national latino scientists, physicians and psychologists curated by our storytellers…

Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Harvard Medical School

Institute for Healthcare Improvement 

Massachusetts General Hospital 

…Distributed through highly concentrated areas of hispanics such as bodegas, community centers and churches leveraging also non-profit organizations…

…Amplifying the message by turning it into targeted digital audiovisual assets through social media.