Local Leaders, Public Officials and Allies Recognize El Planeta’s Community Impact on its 20th Anniversary

During El Planeta’s 20th anniversary, the publication was recognized by local leaders, public officials, and allies for its significant community impact in Massachusetts. 

“For two decades, El Planeta has been a trusted resource for Spanish speakers in Boston and beyond. The newspaper is delivered to key locations such as health centers, pharmacies, warehouses, and small businesses, providing critical information to our residents. Its work is an essential example of how language access can break down barriers and unite communities,” expressed Governor Maura Healey. 

As the Hispanic community’s growth enhances El Planeta’s outreach and readership, local trailblazers emphasize the importance of continuing to inform about Latinos in Massachusetts, given their substantial contributions across various fields and sectors of society.

“Thank you for two decades of reporting on the stories that matter to our Latino residents. Boston would not be the Boston we know without immigrant communities. As owners of many of Boston’s small but iconic businesses, our Latino residents drive our economy, anchor our neighborhoods, and share their culture throughout local celebrations,” remarked Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. 

El Planeta extends heartfelt gratitude to all the content partners, community leaders, and public officials for highlighting the publication’s milestone and contributions serving the Latino community of Massachusetts. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in delivering trustworthy local coverage that addresses the diverse needs and aspirations of Hispanics throughout the state.

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About El Planeta: 

El Planeta is Massachusetts’ leading Spanish-language media outlet, serving the State’s vibrant Hispanic community since 2004. With a commitment to excellence in journalism, El Planeta provides comprehensive coverage of local topics such as immigration, education, business, and Latino empowerment and issues of importance to the Hispanic community. El Planeta is dedicated to empowering its readers and fostering a sense of community and connection among Massachusetts’s diverse population. 

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