El Planeta Celebrates 20 Years Serving Massachusetts’ Vibrant Hispanic Community and Allies with Trusted Information and Distinctive Storytelling

During the month of May, El Planeta celebrates 20 years of serving the vibrant Latino community of Massachusetts with trustworthy and authentic local coverage on issues important to the Hispanic population.

The idea of El Planeta began in 2002 by a group of visionaries, initially as a research project to address the significant Hispanic population in Massachusetts (428,729 noted in the 2000 Census). This later evolved into a successful business plan, leveraging the free-circulation and local publication model pioneered by Metro International in Boston. Launched in 2004, while competing in a fragmented media environment with several Spanish-language print and broadcast outlets, El Planeta aimed to differentiate itself with wide circulation, robust local advertising support, exclusive content, and pioneering content creation in the digital journalism landscape.

Today, as one of the few remaining Hispanic outlets created by Latinos for Latinos, the media has grown to serve 600,000 Spanish-speaking readers out of more than 800,000 Hispanics (as of 2021) in Massachusetts. Additionally, it engages over 15,000 Hispanics daily through its e-newsletters and reaches 385,000 on Facebook and 358,000 on Instagram (as of May 2024).

Javier Marin, Executive Chairman of El Planeta Media, shared his aspirations in shaping Hispanic media in Massachusetts: “In 2024, El Planeta celebrates its 20 years in a tech-driven world, and the media, as such, will always ensure to be a crucial communication platform for journalists and for the community. Credibility is essential; we have to be a trustworthy source. It is about knowing how to give the news in a way that connects with your community, captures attention, is truthful, and you have to be open to changes.”

To commemorate this landmark anniversary, El Planeta is proud to announce the launch of a special editorial series on its website, Social Media channels, digital Newsletters, and in its May print edition. This series will spotlight success stories, influential voices, and significant contributions that have shaped and underscored the empowerment of the Latino community in the state.

The content behind the initiative will also feature a new, visually striking approach that informs and celebrates Latino culture, sparks curiosity, and fosters meaningful conversations.

“We invite organizations to participate in our celebration. By partnering with us for our anniversary activations, you can align with El Planeta’s mission, demonstrate your unwavering commitment to Massachusetts’ Latino community, and share how your organization envisions its impact on the community for the next 20 years,” said Andrea Chacon, El Planeta’s Business Development Lead.

As a symbol of pride and resilience, El Planeta’s unwavering commitment to social justice and equality has positioned it as an essential voice in promoting the interests of the Latino community by covering local issues such as immigration, education, business, and Latino empowerment.

Rafael Ulloa, co-founder and Deputy Publisher of El Planeta reflected on the journey of two decades: “It becomes clear that our editorial impact stems from a deep connection with our community and a commitment to truth and representation. As we look into the future, we remain dedicated to elevating the voices that need to be heard and telling the stories that make a difference.”

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About El Planeta:

El Planeta is Massachusetts’ leading Spanish-language media outlet, serving the State’s vibrant Hispanic community since 2004. With a commitment to excellence in journalism, El Planeta provides comprehensive coverage of local topics such as immigration, education, business, and Latino empowerment and issues of importance to the Hispanic community. El Planeta is dedicated to empowering its readers and fostering a sense of community and connection among Massachusetts’s diverse population.

For more information, please contact:

Rafael Ulloa

Deputy Publisher

El Planeta

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