Tiempo Latino and MEL, a Hispanic Integrated Communications Agency, Join Forces to Address Climate Change in Latino Communities in the US 

Tiempo Latino, a Spanish-language publication headquartered in Washington D.C., and MEL, a prominent Hispanic integrated communications agency, announced a strategic collaboration to launch an advocacy platform named Tiempo de Acción. Climate change is not an abstract issue; it has direct consequences on people’s lives.

This is why the Tiempo de Acción initiative focuses on raising awareness about climate change and its disproportionate effects on Latino communities in the United States. 

The campaign, structured in three phases, aims to engage and empower Latino communities through diverse outreach strategies. Its first phase starts with a series of editorial reports in Spanish in Tiempo Latino, exploring the multifaceted impacts of climate change on the daily lives of these communities.

Marcos Marín, CEO of Tiempo Company, expressed: “Latino communities often bear the brunt of environmental crises, yet misinformation remains a significant barrier to mobilizing action within these communities.” This statement underscores the importance of providing accurate and accessible information about climate change in Spanish.

The campaign’s second phase presents a visually striking approach: a 2.7-degree tilt integrated into the cover of Tiempo Latino newspaper, its website, and social media platforms. This symbolic representation of the global temperature rise seeks to underscore the urgency of addressing climate change and its implications for terrestrial ecosystems and climatic systems.

Danny Alvarez, Executive Creative Director of MEL, explains, “We are committed to amplifying the profound implications that even a slight temperature change of 2.7 degrees can have on our planet.” This phase seeks to inform and inspire action.

The third phase of the campaign will culminate in a live event in Washington, D.C., on June 5, 2024, coinciding with World Environment Day. This event will bring together climate change experts, policymakers, academics, and business and community leaders to facilitate dialogue on climate change, amplify Hispanic voices, and advocate for inclusive and equitable solutions.

The Latino community’s commitment to environmental protection is evident. Data suggests that an estimated 19 million Latinos reside in areas of the U.S. that exceed Federal Ozone Air Quality Standards. This fact underscores the need for urgent and collective action.

Tiempo de Acción aspires to be a central and trusted resource for Latino communities, providing accurate information and opportunities for active engagement in the fight against climate change and other environmental issues. The collaboration between Tiempo Company and MEL reflects a shared commitment to fostering trust in Latino media and promoting meaningful change through strategic advocacy initiatives.

This is just the beginning of an ongoing effort to raise awareness and mobilize Latino communities toward a more sustainable future. With the support and active participation of all, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

About Tiempo Latino:

Tiempo Latino is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Spanish-language publication in the United States, reaching 8 million U.S. Latinos per month. As a national digital news provider headquartered in Washington D.C., Tiempo Latino offers comprehensive coverage on various topics, including local and international news, politics, health, finance, and culture, specifically tailored to the Latino community. Tiempo Latino is part of Tiempo Company, a media group that also produces specialized e-newsletters and owns an in-house digital media agency dedicated to serving the informational and resource needs of the Latino population across the country.

About MEL:

Founded in September 2023, MEL—short for Messianu/Edelman/Lerma— is a minority-owned, Hispanic-led integrated communications agency. With offices in Dallas, Miami and New York, MEL thrives on the combined strength of a creative and visionary leader, the world’s largest independent communications advisory firm, and a leading, independent advertising agency rooted in multicultural and digital expertise. MEL offers brands creative, digital and media solutions under one roof.

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