Purpose-driven ad platform to reach US Latinos

Nuntius is our purpose-driven advertisement platform to establish meaningful connections between brands that are committed to creating a positive impact and the US Latino community. We partner with organizations that care for our community, while elevating your brand equity & core messages next to truthful, relevant information targeting this unique, growing demographic.
Nuntius innovates by using a display advertising strategy that:

1- Increases brand equity by surrounding your message with valuable and impactful content

→ Our high-quality, powerful journalism shines a light on unique and authentic stories from the Latino community, elevating their voices.
→ Translating the impact of every-day news to how it affects Latinos at the individual & community level, provides practical resources and propels informed decision-making.
→ Our raw approach to real-time content production captures the depth and essence of our Latino audience and increases engagement.
→ Curating & translating content from our unique editorial partners provides the community with access in Spanish to some of the most trusted news available.

2- Delivers a relevant message that is remembered

→ We deliver your message to the right Latino audience, segmented by location, interests, demographics, and more.
→ By leveraging behavioral sciences in ad design and placement we efficiently enhance overall message retention.
→ We rely on the power of storytelling to share the impact of your work through a unique & personal perspective. Our in-house content creation agency, Espacio, can help you identify, craft, and A/B test your top messages to ensure high-engagement from our community.

3- Creates a positive impact in the Latino community

→ A significant part of your investment directly supports our dedicated newsroom of talented Latino journalists. → Your investment helps support a unique network of Latino content creators around the world. → By partnering with us you are actively contributing to the fight against misinformation by supporting the development of quality journalism for our community. → Your support to our organization helps fill current Latino news deserts with truthful information in Spanish.

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