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Boasting over 30 years of industry expertise, Tiempo is a Latino, family-owned, and award-winning national news media and advertising company, headquartered in Washington, DC.
We engage with over 6 million Latinos & Hispanics across our platforms every month.
As a Minority Business Enterprise, we leverage diverse talent, data-driven strategies and platform-agnostic distribution to create relevant, truthful news & information, igniting curiosity, and fostering meaningful conversations.

Our Audience

By Latinos, for Latinos

Tiempo harnesses the strengths of its editorial and business leadership to create content that not only empowers US Latinos & Hispanics. Drawing from deep cultural roots, our content is designed to spark curiosity, inform decision-making, encourage conversation, and honor the diverse tapestry of Latino & Hispanic cultures.

Our Partners & Clients

Brands that partner with us to connect with US Latinos

Brands that partner with us to connect with US Latinos

Our Brands

We run a national multi-platform media ecosystem

Our main distribution channels are our websites for Tiempo Latino and El Planeta, print editions in the DMV area and Greater Boston, national, local and thematic newsletters, and all of our social media accounts.

Journalism to empower US Latinos

Delivering multiplatform news on politics, economy, health, social justice, immigration, climate change and beyond. Based in Washington D.C., we provide national and local insights with content adapted to Latinos unique interests and multicultural nature.

Sharing premium content from our editorial partners

Discover all about Tiempo Latino’s media brands and subscription services, special coverages and collaborations here.

20 years of unique stories that matter

A local news outlet for the vibrant Latino community of Greater Boston and Massachusetts, focusing on critical local issues and entertainment. Dive into a diverse community, celebrating and empowering Latinos in the region.
Learn more about El Planeta here.

Our services

Elevate your brand equity: Bring your ads & connect with our audience

Our purpose-driven advertisement platform to establish meaningful connections between brands that are committed to creating a positive impact and the US Latino & Hispanic community. Ads are placed next to trustworthy, high-quality content, ensuring maximum engagement and resonance with Latinos nationwide.

Multiplatform content fueled by the power of data

Multiplatform content fueled by the power of data

In-house content creation and insights Hub, leveraging Tiempo’s editorial expertise and data-driven storytelling to deliver exceptional copywriting, creative ads, and valuable insights for clients and partners.

Our Three Pillars

Our goal is to foster genuine connections

Our goal is to
foster genuine

Our content and advertisement are purpose driven. We don’t just place “banners”. We don’t just publish “viral content”. We don’t pursue empty clicks and banal engagements.

We’re on a mission to uplift the Latino & Hispanic community by informing, educating, and inspiring, committed to delivering truthful and relevant interactions that resonate authentically.

We are multi-format

We are

Content comes first. Our strength is production, we excel at crafting tailored content for each of our platforms. We seamlessly traverse across diverse formats, whether it’s captivating visuals for social media, thought-provoking articles for our websites and newsletters, or engaging videos for YouTube, we have the versatility to thrive in any medium.

Our performance is data-based

We continuously test, learn, and refine our strategies. We draw insights directly from data. Every day, we challenge and evolve our conclusions to ensure we’re always improving. Our audience insights aren’t just valuable, they’re essential assets. They inform our actions and empower both us and our clients to enhance performance, transforming our process into a dynamic learning lab.

What Our Clients Say

Jorge Gonzalez

Senior Manager of Latino Paid Media

Tiempo Latino’s commitment goes beyond being a media outlet; they actively advocate for climate action and shape the narrative, defending our achievements and pushing back against regressive policies for our community. (…) Working with their dedicated staff is a pleasure, as they amplify our mission.
Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH

President of the Commonwealth Foundation

They have grown, been more impactful every day, and will continue to do so in the years to come. They are an indispensable, and critical source for information in the Latino community, and a trusted and proven partner in all efforts, including their work during the pandemic.
Emily Mogavero

Marketing Manager at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

Over five years of working with El Planeta, they have helped us reach and deepen connections to new audiences through expert translation services, engaging video content and advertising, and insightful editorial content, We’re proud to have El Planeta as a partner.
Veronica Robles

Co-Founder and Executive director, Veronica robles Cultural Center

I’ve witnessed the beginnings and growth of this newspaper (…). El Planeta has become one of the main sources of information for Latinos in the region. As a non profit organization we are grateful for their ongoing support informing the community we serve about our programming and by covering our events.

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