El Tiempo Latino Celebrates Triple Gold at the 2023 NAHP José Martí Awards

El Tiempo Latino, a prominent national Spanish-language news provider serving the Hispanic community, is proud to announce its outstanding achievement at the 2023 National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) José Martí Awards. 

The Spanish-language minority-owned news organization won three gold awards in significant categories, showcasing its commitment to quality journalism and its unique ability to connect with the U.S. Latino community.

The acclaimed publication received top honors in the categories of Outstanding Local Political Article, Outstanding Hispanic Success Story, and Outstanding Editorial Video. Additionally, it garnered an impressive array of silver and bronze awards, further establishing its dominance in Hispanic media. El Tiempo Latino received silver awards for Outstanding Spanish Language Publication, Outstanding Immigration Article, Outstanding E-Newsletter, and Outstanding Health Article. Bronze awards were achieved in the categories of Outstanding Special Section, Outstanding Local Business Article, Outstanding Design – Newspaper, Outstanding Publication Website, and Outstanding National/International Business Article

“These awards are a recognition of our unwavering commitment to serve the Latino community through powerful storytelling and meaningful content. We are honored to be acknowledged by the NAHP in these significant categories, and this only fuels our desire to continue elevating our journalistic standards,” stated Marcos Marin, CEO of Tiempo Company, publisher of El Tiempo Latino expressing his pride in the team’s accomplishments. 

Javier Marin, Executive Chairman of Tiempo Company, also shared his thoughts highlighting the publication’s growth and evolution. “El Tiempo Latino has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt and innovate in the ever-changing media landscape. Winning these awards from the NAHP is a testament to our team’s hard work, passion, and dedication to serving the Latino community in the United States.”

The Outstanding Editorial Video award holds special significance for El Tiempo Latino, as the publication embarked on a journey to enhance its video content production in 2022. The team is dedicated to developing engaging and concise video content, aiming to capture meaningful stories relevant to the U.S. Latino community in under 10 minutes.

Rafael Ulloa, EVP of Communications at Tiempo Company emphasized the importance of this award, stating, “Winning the Outstanding Editorial Video award is a remarkable achievement for El Tiempo Latino, especially as we have recently ventured into the realm of video content production. This accolade validates our efforts and highlights the potential of video storytelling as a powerful medium to connect with and serve our audience.”

With a reach spanning 8 million U.S. Latinos per month, and as the largest minority-owned, Minority Business Enterprise certified Spanish language publication in the country, El Tiempo Latino stands as a pillar in Hispanic media. The publication, under the Tiempo Company umbrella, continues to innovate and serve its community through a variety of channels, including specialized e-newsletters and an in-house digital media agency, ensuring that the Latino community in the United States is informed, engaged, and empowered.

About El Tiempo Latino:

El Tiempo Latino is the largest minority-owned, Minority Business Enterprise certified Spanish-language publication in the United States, reaching 8 million U.S. Latinos per month. As a national digital news provider, El Tiempo Latino offers comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics, including local and international news, politics, health, finance, and culture, specifically tailored to the Latino community. El Tiempo Latino is part of Tiempo Company, a media group that also produces specialized e-newsletters and owns an in-house digital media agency, dedicated to serving the informational and resource needs of the Latino population across the country.

For more information, please contact:

Rafael Ulloa

EVP of Communication

El Tiempo Latino

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