El Tiempo Latino Becomes a Certified Business Enterprise in Washington, DC


    • The CBE strengthens relationships with DC Government agencies through procurement and contracting opportunities.
    • El Tiempo Latino will make a stronger direct impact on the local community and economy by contributing to the city’s projects and initiatives.

El Tiempo Latino, under the umbrella of Mas TV – El Planeta LLC, announces its recent achievement of becoming a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) by the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) in Washington, DC. 

The CBE program is designed to bolster local businesses’ competitive edge in securing government contracts and procurement opportunities. By securing this certification, El Tiempo Latino, a minority owned business rooted in the District, is strengthening its position to contribute more significantly in the city’s projects and initiatives, thereby making a direct impact on the local community and economy.

“This milestone underscores our commitment to enriching the vibrant and diverse metropolitan area of Washington DC, especially its growing Latino population,” expressed Marcos Marin, CEO of Tiempo Company and publisher of El Tiempo Latino.

For over 30 years, El Tiempo Latino has been at the forefront of reaching an audience of  30,000-50,000 Latinos in the community through hyper-targeted digital advertising, content creation (both native and sponsored, in video and written formats), translation, transculturation, research, insights, and event management. 

Marin shared the acclaimed publication’s commitment, stating, “engaging with us means not only receiving exceptional services but also supporting a local, minority-owned business (MBE) with a deep commitment to social impact. Your business directly supports our newsdesk, distribution networks, and journalists, furthering quality journalism for our local Latino community.”

El Tiempo Latino is enthusiastic about the opportunities this CBE certification presents and eagerly anticipates forging new partnerships with DC Government agencies.

“We are keen to showcase our comprehensive portfolio of services and explore how we contribute to the District’s overarching goals,” said Rafael Ulloa, Deputy Publisher and EVP of Communications of El Tiempo Latino. 

Zulema Tijero, EVP of Advertising of El Tiempo Latino, also shared her thoughts highlighting how this approach underscores the organization’s commitment to strategic collaboration. “The certification propels us forward, fostering opportunities to work with the DSLBD through the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) and learn from the CBE community. This program is not merely a process; it’s a transformative journey, paving the way for innovative partnerships and shared growth.” 

About El Tiempo Latino:

El Tiempo Latino is the largest minority-owned, Minority Business Enterprise certified Spanish-language publication in the United States, reaching 8 million U.S. Latinos per month. As a national digital news provider, El Tiempo Latino offers comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics, including local and international news, politics, health, finance, and culture, specifically tailored to the Latino community. El Tiempo Latino is part of Tiempo Company, a media group that also produces specialized e-newsletters and owns an in-house digital media agency, dedicated to serving the informational and resource needs of the Latino population across the country.

For more information, please contact:

Rafael Ulloa

Deputy Publisher and EVP of Communications

El Tiempo Latino

[email protected]

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