Tiempo Company Partners with Hispanic Integrated Communications Agency, MEL, to Elevate Spanish-Language Media Credibility Among US Latino Audiences

Tiempo Company, a Spanish-language media group, has partnered with MEL, a Hispanic integrated communications agency, to increase credibility in Spanish-language media within the US Latino communities through editorial content that merges data, technology, arts, psychology, and current trends.

This collaboration with MEL aims to transcend traditional content and impactful communications campaigns that will spotlight Latino narratives and address the pressing issues facing these communities nationwide.

Marcos Marín, CEO of Tiempo Company, reflected on how this alliance aligns with the organization’s commitment: “We are reshaping the future of national Latino news outlets over the next decade. My uncle, Founder and Executive Chairman, Javier Marín, consistently held the belief that a Spanish-language news organization should be operated by Latinos who grasp the intricate socio-economic dynamics of this extensive community. We are now in a phase of scaling his vision, with the mission to inform and empower today’s generation of firmly-rooted Latinos in the USA who are embracing their heritage language and crafting their own narratives.”

The partnership addresses the gap identified in findings of the Edelman Trust Barometer, indicating that media is the institution Latinos trust the least, at 42%, compared to the government (43%), Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) (46%), business (60%), and employers (74%).

According to Luis Miguel Messianu, President and Chief Creative Officer of MEL, the use of data-driven strategies in both editorial and creative endeavors will enforce the credibility of essential news and updates on current events: “Together, we have chosen to take proactive steps to become catalysts in building trust in the media among the Latino community. In the Latino media landscape, our collective responsibility as paid, owned, and earned media channels needs to extend beyond content engagement. I invite us to unite and act with purpose in service to creating trustworthy, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with Latino audiences.”

Facing a media industry grappling with financial difficulties and diminishing engagement, the partnership between Tiempo Company and MEL occurs at a crucial time to restore trust in Latino media. This initiative addresses the challenge of misinformation that hampers civic engagement, especially during an election year pivotal for the Latino vote. It seeks to amplify the influence of Latino media, broadening its impact across the American landscape.

About Tiempo Company:

Tiempo Company is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) media group headquartered in Washington, D.C. With the renowned El Tiempo Latino brand, Tiempo leverages the strengths of its editorial and business leadership—drawing from deep cultural roots, diverse Latino talent, data-driven strategies and platform-agnostic distribution. Tiempo’s news ecosystem reaches more than 5.5 million Latinos across the US with content that ignites curiosity, improves decision-making, generates conversations, and amplifies Latino culture.

About MEL:

Founded in September 2023, MEL—short for Messianu/Edelman/Lerma— is a minority-owned, Hispanic-led integrated communications agency. With offices in Dallas, Miami and New York, MEL thrives on the combined strength of a creative and visionary leader, the world’s largest independent communications advisory firm, and a leading, independent advertising agency rooted in multicultural and digital expertise. MEL offers brands creative, digital and media solutions under one roof.

For more information about Spanish-Language Media credibility, please contact:

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Deputy Publisher

Tiempo Company

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