“Tiroteo made in USA” El Tiempo Latino’s new documentary series portraits America’s organized violence

El Tiempo Latino’s new short documentary series “Tiroteo made in USA” presents the United States relationship with fire guns and gun violence while exploring an unprecedented glimpse into the bloodiest gang in America on its first episode.

“MS-13 Te unís o te morís”, premiered by El Tiempo Latino, a Tiempo Company brand, is focused on portraying the situation that Latinos face. “Join or die” is the motto under which immigrants are forced to join gangs like “Marasalvatrucha” as a death threat. It is a raw, insightful and intriguing material, which seeks to open people’s curiosity.

The documentary, about eight minutes long, tells the story of a young man of Venezuelan origin who almost fell into the clutches of one of the most violent and well-known gangs in the United States.

The audiovisual has a global perspective, not only from the news, but also to be able to raise their voices and show the pain and suffering of the victims. Its central axis is to help people understand different perspectives of the problem. 

Later on you will be able to continue enjoying more of “Tiroteo made in USA” with content related to armed violence in the United States and its impact from the Latino perspective. “MS-13: Te unís o te morís” is the first available episode from this new series published on El Tiempo Latino’s YouTube channel which we invite you to watch and enjoy!

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